Welcome to the world of dip stations and power towers!

Dip Station reviewsIf you’re looking for the perfect dip station (also known as power towers or dip bars, or even pullup bars), my tips and reviews of many of the industry’s leading brands and models will certainly point you in the right direction.

I’m a semi-serious fitness freak myself, and have tested a number of dip stations and bars over the last couple of years in my never-ending quest to keep fit and trim (I work in an office job, so like to stay fit as much as possible, especially after sitting long hours in front of my PC). The dip stations I’ve purchased have really helped improve my fitness, especially during the colder months and when the beach season kicks in. And yes, I’ve built up some decent body mass after using them regularly.

After purchasing the top of the range Body Solid Deluxe power tower recently (a model I highly recommend), and getting asked by fitness friends for my recommendations, I decided to set up this website to help them and YOU out. I’ve done all of the research and testing, all you need to decide is whether the world of power towers and dip stations fits your training program and wallet – and yes, there’s a station for every budget.

If you’re not sure where to get started, I’d recommend having a look at this – these are the FIVE best dip stations you should consider buying in 2016 (coming soon), ranging from the very cheapest, super-value dip stations to the deluxe models that are perfect for the ultimate fitness program.

If your budget is fairly high and you’re really looking for something top-notch, have a look at the 3 best dip stations your money can buy (coming soon). In addition, I set up a pretty extensive Comparison table (still in progress) that provides a quick-glance overview of almost all the dip stations and power towers out there on the market, including ratings, weight and price. You’re not going to go far wrong with any of the stations on that list!

For the beginners of you, or those of you just confused by the range of options and names used for these types of dip stations, take a look at our FAQ, a comprehensive set of questions (and answers) that should answer any of your questions, including:

  • I’m a beginner, what dip station do you recommend?
  • Can I buy a decent power tower for under $100?
  • I’m a serious/pro fitness enthusiast – what dip stations should I think about buying?
  • What kind of exercises can I do with a dip station?

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand: ultimate value at less than $80!

ultimate body press reviewFor this review I’m going to guide you through why the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is a piece of equipment you should seriously consider adding to your at-home gym. Seriously, if you are looking to incorporate an awesome dip stand into your life, inspect your bank account, make room for an $80 hit, and click the “buy” button below.

There’s no doubt about it, this is one of the best value dip stands on the market, and I was highly impressed!

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What we liked about the Ultimate Body Press

For starters, this dip stand has recently taken over the Bestseller spot in the dip stations niche on sites like Amazon – something that tells me (and you) that everyone LOVES what this thing can do for you body, and perhaps more importantly, what it can do for your overall health.

In addition, the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand received an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 300 reviews; further perpetuating that this dip stand sets high standards. High ratings can only get a product so far though, so let’s dive in a little deeper and see what this dip stand is all about!

Terrific specs

You really can’t help but be impressed with specs like this…

  • Easy assembly – black and white color distinction makes it easy to put together and follow the directions. The assembly requires 0 tools. Hallelujah!
  • Made from quality steel materials.
  • 3 feet tall; one of my favorite features of the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is its height. Short and tall people can use this with ease and you won’t have to buy multiple dip stands for multiple people in your family. Guaranteed for users up to 6.5 feet tall! The total dimensions are as follows: 24 x 36 x 36 inches.
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds! This is great because you can use a weighted belt if you want to add a bit of dimension to the workout. I tried this out with a 45-pound plate and it was rock solid! The plate also never touched the ground, which was a plus.
  • Adjustable! This baby starts out at 21 inches wide and can be adjusted to 22.5 inches. I love this feature and I think other dip stands need to adopt this. We all know too well not everyone is the same size and this dip stand celebrates that!
  • Weighs in at only 18.5 pounds. This dip stand is light and it’s portable. It also disassembles just as easily as it assembles. You can use this anywhere and everywhere – inside, outside, office, park, etc. You name it and you can use it there. This dip stand is also easier to travel with compared to a few of the other dip stands reviewed on our site.
  • Foam grips on each handle. These foam grips are some of the most comfortable grips I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding onto on a dip stand. They helped to keep me from gripping the handles too hard and straining. I appreciated the high quality material Ultimate Body Press considered while constructing the Ultimate Dip Stand.

What really convinced us about the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand…

The features mentioned above in this post make this dip stand stand out for sure, but I believe there are two features I haven’t mentioned yet that really set it apart.

  1. The price: Depending on where you buy this, it’ll run you about $80. For an adjustable, versatile, comfortable dip stand, that price is a steal. I’m very fond of  fitness equipment that is made well, is sturdy, and doesn’t break the bank. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand encompasses all of those characteristics.
  2. The angled bars: The bars are not perfectly parallel, but instead angled. This was a genius idea for Ultimate Body Press to include in their dip stand because it truly sets it apart from the rest of the products out there. If you have bad elbows and shoulders this could be a lifesaver. It really relieves some of the pressure and tension so there is less of a chance of injury. Personally, I like the angled aspect better because it’s more comfortable and I can hit my muscles differently depending on which exercises I’m doing. It really creates a whole new set of workouts to add to your circuits.

In summary: some mighty big bang for your buck

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is a perfect addition to your at-home gym. I really enjoyed using and reviewing this product. I felt comfortable testing it out with a plethora of upper body exercises and found it to be stable and sturdy the entire time. This, in part, can be attributed to the rubber feet on the bottom, which prevent it from skidding on wood and concrete. The way the bars are angled really makes a difference and sets this apart from other dip stands out there that are similarly priced. It’s a simple design, made with quality materials and I already know some of my friends have gone out and purchased this after I told them about it!

As always, please let me know if you’ve tried this dip stand and what you think. Or if you plan on purchasing it I’d love to hear some reviews. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Here’s a clip to give you more of a taste of what to expect from this awesome dip stand…

Our review of the superb value Black Mountain heavy duty dip station!

black mountain dip stationI’ve got a monster of a product for you. Not in size (thank God), but in stability. Today, I’m reviewing the Black Mountain Heavy Duty Dip Station.

When I first heard about this dip station I thought it was too good to be true, especially the claim to support 3000 pounds (3000 pounds – what dip station could possibly support that much weight??!!). You know what it’s like, those claims from the smarmy salesmen at the mall who try and sell you stuff you really don’t need but the return policy is 7 days, exchange only… We’ve all been there.

But this dip station proved to be so much more than something that was all talk and no action. And that unbeatable price…wow!

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What convinced me that this dip station was a keeper…

Although I didn’t get a chance to test it out with 3000-pounds, I did have a chance to test it out with a dip belt and a 45-pound plate attached to my waist. This obviously still didn’t come close to 3000-pounds but I did have a friend who weighs over 250-pounds test it out with the same 45-pound plate attached and this thing did not budge!

It was seriously rock solid and you can thank the stabilizing foam pads on the base of the dip station for that. Despite the fact that I never quite made myself weigh close to quadruple digits, I legitimately believe the Black Mountain Dip Station can withstand upwards of 500-pounds.

What does this mean for you?

Well, not only can the dip station be used for body weight exercises, but it can also be used to enhance your at-home training like you never thought possible. Gone are the days of waking up at 6 a.m. to get to the gym before everyone else, just so you can use the equipment without having to wait for someone to finish his or her circuit.

And then…the clincher. The price. At around $70, this is absolutely awesome value.

Specs for the Black Mountain dip station

  • 35 inches tall x 22 inches wide x 37 inches long
  • This dip station weighs in at a mere 22.5 pounds
  • Built with 4 stabilizing pads on the base; this is crucial so the dip station is able to sit flat and level on different surfaces
  • 20 inches between the handrails
  • Foam grips on the bars for superior comfort
  • Thick handles – great for even weight distribution
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made from steel
  • Pretty price of $70

Why this baby offers superb value

You may be asking why you need this instead of simply using the back of a chair or a bench. Yes, you could always go with those options, but at only $70, the price equates to $.20 per day for a year or $.04 per day for 5 years. We had to get our calculator out for that little bit of math, but it surely shows the value of this dip station!

And since this product has a lifetime warranty, this dip station will be around your house for a lot longer than 5 years. In addition, you get a few more options for exercises with this dip station than your grandmother’s antique maple chair.

More reasons to convince you this dip station is for you…

A feature I appreciated about this dip station was the easy assembly.

It came with everything needed and easy-to-follow instructions. Ten minutes later and the dip station was ready to be tested out. This product isn’t foldable so it could potentially be taken apart and put back together if you are super tight on storage. It doesn’t take up that much space in the first place though, so my advice is to just leave it assembled. It’s definitely one of the more portable dip stations your money can buy.

A caveat: the bars are spaced slightly far apart and are not adjustable, so it may be too wide for some of you out there. I found it to be slightly spacious for my own body; definitely a point to consider. If you are buying this product for a gift or your family, take into account the width of the bars and other users measurements!

Another great point, the Black Mountain Dip Station is constantly ranked as one of the best sellers on sites like Amazon (it received 4.5 out of 5 stars). If that isn’t the kicker in convincing you to buy this dip station I’m seriously not sure you’ll ever buy a thing online! Seriously though, do you understand how many products there are in the Sports and Outdoors section of Amazon? Thousands! And this beast was way up there on the first page! That was all I needed to read before pressing the “confirm” button on my order.

So, bang for your buck?

The Black Mountain Dip Station is truly one of a kind. The specs are fantastic, the price simply cannot be beat and the ratings really drive home how influential this product will be for your training. It’s a lightweight and portable dip stand – while the stability and durability are unparalleled and the simple design makes it easy to put together so you can get down to business immediately!

Let me know what you think of this product and your own experiences with it! As always, feel free to reach out with any other questions about this product or some of the others reviewed!

25 different types of pull-ups to try

OK, you need some more inspiration for those upper body strength sessions…watch and learn baby, watch and learn!

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My review of the superb value Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dipping Station

yaheetech dip stationOK, so if you’ve browsed any of the other dip station reviews on this site, you’ll know we love our in-home training equipment. And if there’s one thing that we really love about in-home gear, it’s when it comes at a greeeaaat price.

Let’s face it, we all work hard for those $$$, or at least most of us. And when we can save some money on expenses like gym memberships, it’s never a bad thing. So when we recently came across this dipping station from Yaheetech, the reviewer in us just had to add it to the collection!

Coming in at typically under $80 on sites like Amazon, this is a great, heavy duty product that will get some truly decent mileage for the beginners of you out there. It’s not quite the quality of a Body Solid or the XMark XM-7617, but for value, this little baby isn’t going to let you down.

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Why we loved this Yaheetech dip station

OK, this piece of equipment is fabulous for a number of reasons and we’re here to guide you through them.

Durability and stability

First up, let’s take a look at this dipping station’s staying power…

  • This dip station can hold up to 500 pounds – not an exaggeration. The fact that it can hold more than 250 pounds is impressive. If you examine the dip station, you’ll notice two support pieces under each bar. This gives it the stability it needs to hold your weight while you power through those upper body exercises.
  • An added bonus – if you own a dipping belt you will be able to (and should!) safely use it while on the Yaheetech Dip Stand. If you don’t own a belt, no worries! Use your own body weight and you will be amazed at how exhausting these exercises can be.
  • Weighing in at 40 pounds, this dip station really isn’t going anywhere. I suggest assembling this dip station in the room you’ll be using it in and leaving it there. This is not a portable dip station like other products out there. Although there are pros and cons to stationary products, for this dip station it is not a hindrance.
  • Some reviewers have commented that at times this dip station felt a bit wobbly. Personally, I did not have this experience while using it but I weigh less than 130 pounds. My advice is simple: take a sandbag (or 2) or a few free-weights and secure them on the back of the base. This will further anchor the dip station and you will feel so much at ease and confident in its ability to hold you.
  • The manufacturers of the Yaheetech Dip Station were clever – they added rubber covers to each end of the base, creating even more stability and a slip-proof product.

The Cost

  • If you’re not experienced in the world of at-home gym equipment, you would probably think the Yaheetech Dip Station would cost upwards of $200, right? Wrong! This bit of hardware retails for around $75 and is eligible for free shipping when ordered through Amazon. Don’t you just love Amazon?
  • Lower price doesn’t always equal lower quality. There are other products on the market that are basically replicas of this dip station that cost anywhere from $120 – $300. Not worth it! Save your money and put your faith in something offering way more value.
  • Size:
    • The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Stand may look bulky and it may seem like it takes up a lot of room but it really doesn’t. At just over three feet in length, this product doesn’t come too far away from the wall. I put mine in the corner of my workout room in an area I once considered to be “dead space”. Now it’s my “upper-body area”. Another dimension I love is the height. You will not have to worry about your knees hitting the ground, even if you’re over six feet tall.
    • The distance between the two bars is 24 inches and each bar is about 15 inches long. This increases the stability of the dip machine as a whole. I added electrical tape to my bars to increase the comfort during supersets when my palms are shaky and I definitely recommend it!

So, should you invest in this Yaheetech dipping station?

The easy to assemble Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Station is a phenomenally durable piece of equipment with a modern design. Its clean-lines are easy on the eye and non-threatening. At the end of the day it’s a simple dip station that gets the job done.

If you keep your expectations of a fancy, high-end device out of the equation you won’t be disappointed, and this dip station will help produce the same results as some of those high-enders. Once you start using this machine the burn to your muscles will be deep and concentrated. You should start to see results fairly quickly (especially if you add a few more sets per day to your quota)!

Another aspect to this dip station I love is the numerous online reviews by other real users. On Amazon, for example, the Yaheetech Dip Stand received 4.7 out of 5 stars. You can feel comfortable that others have had the same experience I have had with this dip station.

This baby really was a great addition to my at-home gym and I guarantee it will be a great addition to yours as well! As always, if you have any questions about this product or any others, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

The XMark VKR Knee Raise and Dip Power Tower XM-7617: one of the best dip stations your money can buy

XMark XM-7617Are you struggling to get stronger, more defined abs? Or perhaps still hunting for improvement in your upper body strength?

You may well have checked out some of the awesome-looking fitness equipment that’s on the market these days, the equipment that claims to deliver fast, effective results. However, not all of them live up to their promises, as you’ve probably already discovered.

One that does live up to its promise however, is this baby, the elite XMark VKR XM-7617 power tower. Designed to help build a strong back and abs, as well as tone the upper body, this awesome power tower has become one of the leading products in the home gym industry and it really isn’t hard to see why.

We’ve reviewed this beast for your reading pleasure…but to sum it up nicely, this is quite an expensive piece of equipment (coming in at around $500), but you’re simply not going to find a better quality dip station than this. This one is the cream of the power tower crop…

See the latest user reviews and price discounts on Amazon

Some of the XMark XM-7617 features and specifications

XMark aren’t strangers to the home fitness world, but this XMark power tower boasts some pretty impressive features, including the following:

  • 11-gauge steel construction ensures the XMark power tower is strong and capable of withstanding a lot of weight without wobbling under pressure.
  • That rugged durability is reinforced with a powder coated frame. This baby will take any number of little knocks and scratches that it’s likely to collect over the years…
  • Ergonomic angled back pad with contoured arm pads ensures maximum comfort while using the machine.
  • Split handle grip allows you to perform a range of different pull-ups.
  • Skid resistant bolted feet mean you’ll never have to worry about the power tower falling over thanks to these strong, bolted down feet.
  • 7 feet tall – no matter how tall you are you’ll be able to easily use this XMark power tower. Just take into consideration the height when you buy this – make sure you have room for it!
  • Ultra-thick Duracraft cushions – 3” tear resistant, double stitched Duraguard vinyl offer great, comfortable support.

Why we loved – and why you’re gonna love – the XMark XM-7617

First up, let’s talk about that XMark quality

Being one of the more elite power towers available, this XMark model is created with outstanding professional quality in mind. In fact, you’re going to struggle to find a better quality home workout machine anywhere else. Its 11-gauge steel construction with scratch resistant powder coating means it’s going to last for many years to come. You’re seriously going to be stuck with this beast for years!

Easy to assemble

Of course, one of the main things you’re going to want to know is how easy is the XMark power tower going to be to put together? Due to its significant size and weight, it is highly recommended two people work together to assemble it. The actual assembly process is simple, but it will take around 1-2 hours to put together. It comes with full instructions and the parts have been clearly labelled so you know exactly what goes where.

Just a reminder – it’s 7 feet tall, so make sure you have plenty of clearance before you start assembling!

Impressive weight capacity

A lot of workout equipment is designed to hold up to 300lbs. The XMark power tower however is capable of holding up to an impressive 600lbs. So compared to many of its competitors, this model is going to be suitable for almost everyone.

Here’s a taster of what you can get out of the XM-7617…

Reasons to buy the XMark XM-7617 power tower

One of the main advantages of the XMark power tower is the versatility it provides. You can perform a wide range of pull-ups, vertical knee raises, pushups and tricep dips. So rather than just targeting one area, it enables you to work out your whole upper body. While it is slightly more expensive than some other power towers, it actually gives you much more value for money compared to its competitors. The durability, the versatility, the sheer quality of it…hang on, let’s take a look at that quality…

Its exceptional quality is quite simply benefit. If you do a little research, you’ll see the guys from XMark know what they’re doing, and their home fitness products are generally known for some incredible gym-standard quality. This further adds to its value for money as it’s guaranteed to last the test of time.

Its robust quality also means the tower doesn’t sway when you’re using it. This is an incredibly important safety aspect, giving you complete peace of mind when you use it. Being able to withstand up to 600lbs in weight is also beneficial as it makes the power tower accessible to so many more people than many of its competitors.

Something to consider…

The only potential downside of this power tower is its size. It’s BIG. You’ll need a significant amount of space to install the tower, with at least 8-feet clearance available.
Another minor thing to be aware of is that if you’re installing the equipment on top of cement, the plastic end caps could slide a little if budged. Therefore, it’s recommended you assemble it on top of a gym mat.

One last thing – as the XMark XM-7617 power tower is bolted down to the floor, it isn’t designed to be stored away. Therefore, you will need to have a dedicated space available to assemble it.

So, bang for your buck?

This beast has already seen some great reviews online, with almost all on Amazon giving it 5/5 (it currently has a 4.8 rating, which is pretty extraordinary for a highly-priced piece of fitness equipment).

That price is definitely something to think about. But when you take into consideration what you’re actually getting, then there really isn’t anything to think about. If you’re serious about enhancing your fitness and upper body strength, then you can’t get much better than this.

Overall, we’re going to put our necks on the line a bit and say… this is definitely the best quality power tower available on the market. Considering it’s created with professional gym-standard quality in mind, you’re actually getting exceptional value for money. It’s heavy duty, offering long-lasting results. Everyone who has used this machine has raved about its safety, construction and durability, and we have to add ourselves to those ravers! Yep, it even beats the awesome Body Solid GVKR82

You know what button to click to find out more about the best power tower on the market today!

Need some motivation for those pullups and dips? Don’t miss this video…

Well, if you’re lacking any sort of motivation today and just can’t get into those dips, check out this inspirational fitness video…it’s going to have you up and on that dip station in seconds! These guys are IMPRESSIVE!

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A pull-up power tower to savor: the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Dip Station

Stamina Outdoor Fitness Dip StationThe Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is a multi-faceted pull-up tower that is just as suited to a life in the backyard as it is in the garage/workout room!

This beast is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and also boasts all-weather paint to prevent chipping PLUS some UV protection to ensure it stays vivid in color. But the real strength of this stamina dip station is not in how it looks (although it does look extremely tasty!) but in what it does.

With options for pull-ups, vertical knee raises, tricep dips, sit-ups and push-ups, this dip station ensures you can get in a full body workout with an emphasis on core strength. Simple to put together and even simpler to use, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower has it all, and yes, we loved it.

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Main features of the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

Just to kick off this review with some of the more tastier features that we really liked…

  • The Stamina Outdoor Power Tower is made from heavy gauge stainless steel – this baby will last!
  • It weights only 88 lbs once assembled – that is pretty darned lightweight for a power tower of this standard!
  • 81 x 50 x 49 inches (H x W x L)
  • Perfect for a wide-range of fitness workouts including push-ups, pull-ups, vertical knee raises, sit-ups and dips (yes, dips like these)!
  • If you’re big, this machine can take you (it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs).
  • 3 years frame warranty, 90 days parts warranty.

What we really liked about the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

Easy to assemble

From the moment you take the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower out of its packaging, you are met with encouraging signs. The instructions are clear and concise, and assembling the station is not at all difficult. We managed to get this up and assembled in around 15 minutes (with a friend). One person would comfortably fully assemble the dip station in probably 30 minutes.

What makes things even easier is the tool included just for use with the bolts and screws needed for assembly. These little touches make all the difference in making a good first impression.

And if you need to – it’s also fairly easy to disassemble!

Nicely designed

When assembled, you realize just how nicely designed this Stamina dip station really is. The bars are well spaced apart to allow for larger frames, and every bar has been ergonomically placed to ensure that that each specific exercise can be completed in comfort.

As dip stations come, this is one of the sleekest designs we’ve seen. It is also worth noting that the bars are thicker than some of the handlebars you find on inferior pull up stations. This is an excellent feature that will serve to protect hands during periods of extended use.

Sturdy and durable

The frame of this Stamina dip station is exceptionally sturdy and durable. It’s hard to imagine that such a large frame can weigh only 88 lbs and yet remain so well balanced during use. The upper weight capacity on the pull-up station is 300 lbs, and it carries this load without any signs of stress (we’re not quite that heavy, but a friend I met in the gym recently told me he has one of these at home, and he’s packing 250 lbs… easily).

If you plan on using the frame for particularly vigorous exercises like CrossFit style pull-ups, you might want to consider anchoring the power tower to the ground, just to be on the safe side. However, for more traditional exercises, you should experience little to no movement from the frame.

In terms of durability, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is unrivaled. The coating of paint used is tremendously resistant to all weather types and appears to be incredibly durable. We’ve also heard that many users prefer to use their Stamina dip tower outdoors as it leads to longer, more comfortable periods of exercise. And to be honest, the Stamina is perfectly suited for such an outdoor life.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what the Stamina can do for you…

One thing to take into consideration…

If there is one thing that prospective buyers should be aware of, it is the size and spacing of the pull-up station’s bars. Petite women with short limbs might struggle with the distance between the bars when trying to complete tricep dips or vertical knee raises. However, this will only affect a very small number of potential users and is just something to consider if you are on the small side.

Reasons to buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Station

Advertising itself as a full body workout power station, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower sets itself up for a fall, but the reality is that this pull-up station delivers on its promises. From the well-placed push-up and sit-up bars to the dip bars, the Stamina is equipped to deal with those looking for a full body workout from upper body to core. This versatility gives much credibility to its claims.

It’s going to appeal to a wide variety of users and it is not difficult to see why. There are, of course, plenty of dip stations that claim to be suitable for outdoor use, but few offer the kind of reliability and durability on show here. This is an easy to assemble, sturdy and reliable power tower that really does offer a full body workout in one simple frame.

Bang for your buck?

Although far from being an expensive dip station – heck, it’s far from being labeled expensive in our opinion – the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is not the cheapest power tower on the market. It is, however, incredibly affordable and offers value for money in a way that cheaper alternatives really can’t compete with.

If we have to sum it up, we’d say don’t waste your money on inferior products if you’re serious about building up your body strength and fitness – invest in a quality power tower. Invest in the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower. You really won’t regret it.

Muscles too sore from those dip exercises?

arm pain workoutThere’s no question that when you get started with your dip exercises (here’s a great video showing you how to do them properly), your body is going to be hurting, sore, painful…you name it, you’re going to be feeling it.

What you probably weren’t aware of is that there is actually an official name for that soreness: delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS for short. You’ll usually feel DOMS the next day, and it will often get worse on the second day.

Watch out for DOMS, as it can seriously knock your training program to the sidelines. Even after one workout it can be enough to be almost crippling, which nobody wants, right? Going to the extreme, there are rare cases where pain has been ongoing for some TWO WEEKS after exercising, but obviously, that’s way too long, and a trip to the doctor is probably a good idea.

So, how do you avoid DOMS and those sore chest / tricep muscles?

To avoid DOMS, when you first start training (or when you re-start your training after a long break), start light (with a lighter weight, doing fewer reps/sets), and only then gradually increase the workload over time.

The bigger question is…how sore is too sore? Well, to be honest, if you’re struggling with pain that you have to bail on your next session, then that’s too sore…

Are dips really going to help me build upper-body strength?

Dip ExercisesIn a word, yes!

Without doubt, dips are tough, especially for those of you just getting started, or getting back into the swing of things. But there’s no question that dips are the way to go if you’re looking to build upper-body strength.

Some might even argue that dips are just plain bad, sooooo old-school, and even a bit dangerous. But frankly, that’s a load of rubbish, and typically mentioned by those looking to get a softer, easier way to build up some body mass. The pull up bar and sit up bench might also be suggested as better alternatives, but like with anything old, tried and tested, dips need to be understood a little better to get the maximum benefit.

How the heck can dips be “bad” for me?

Well, if you’ve got any sort of shoulder or chest injury, or any history of shoulder injuries, we’d clearly recommend staying clear of dips. This really is the ABCs of strength training, and you’ll ignore this advice at your own peril!

bench-dipsIf you do have a shoulder or chest problem, or in fact you’re just starting out and still don’t have decent upper-body mass, it may well worth trying a bench dip.

We’d recommend starting with your feet on the ground, with your hands on the bench behind you, as shown on the left. Once your strength picks up a bit, lift your legs up to another bench, which should soon start showing some results.

Just so you know, these bench dips will do wonders for your triceps! Especially if you add some weight to your lap while dipping…it’ll hurt a bit, but start ramping up that body mass and strength you’re after.

Once you’re ready, head over to our dip station reviews for the next step! There are some great dip station / dip bar options to really take your upper-body strength training to the next level, and we’ve reviewed most of the options you’ll ever come across online.

So, how will dips help me gain some decent upper-body strength?

Seriously, the dips you do on a dip station / power tower are going to do wonders for your upper body strength.

Just so you know, whenever you do a movement standing or pushing/pulling vertically, you are probably going to use more motor power to perform the move, mainly down to the hormonal secretions in the pituitary and adrenal glands. As a result, dipping is going to do some real wonders for your body, since they are also considered as full upper body movement, some might even say full-body, with all upper body synergistic and stabilizer muscles being used.

Dips will also be the quickest and fastest way to improving your chest strength. They’ll also prove far more effective than a bench press, as the dips isolate the chest muscles much better, with less strain on your shoulders. Your chest is also likely to widen much faster, the true sign that you’re building some serious body strength.

Time to go get dipping we thinks! Dips are very under-rated, and I hope this article has shed some light on just what they can do for you.

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How to do dips: get those chest and triceps working!

If you’re looking to boost your upper body strength, then dips are a great way to get some really impressive results. All you need is a great dip station or power tower (even a pull up bar will do the trick) – and your body weight!

Dips enable you to really power up those triceps and chest muscles, and the video below is a great example for dip beginners to sink their teeth into.

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