Stamina Outdoor Fitness Dip StationThe Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is a multi-faceted pull-up tower that is just as suited to a life in the backyard as it is in the garage/workout room!

This beast is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and also boasts all-weather paint to prevent chipping PLUS some UV protection to ensure it stays vivid in color. But the real strength of this stamina dip station is not in how it looks (although it does look extremely tasty!) but in what it does.

With options for pull-ups, vertical knee raises, tricep dips, sit-ups and push-ups, this dip station ensures you can get in a full body workout with an emphasis on core strength. Simple to put together and even simpler to use, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower has it all, and yes, we loved it.

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Main features of the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

Just to kick off this review with some of the more tastier features that we really liked…

  • The Stamina Outdoor Power Tower is made from heavy gauge stainless steel – this baby will last!
  • It weights only 88 lbs once assembled – that is pretty darned lightweight for a power tower of this standard!
  • 81 x 50 x 49 inches (H x W x L)
  • Perfect for a wide-range of fitness workouts including push-ups, pull-ups, vertical knee raises, sit-ups and dips (yes, dips like these)!
  • If you’re big, this machine can take you (it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs).
  • 3 years frame warranty, 90 days parts warranty.

What we really liked about the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

Easy to assemble

From the moment you take the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower out of its packaging, you are met with encouraging signs. The instructions are clear and concise, and assembling the station is not at all difficult. We managed to get this up and assembled in around 15 minutes (with a friend). One person would comfortably fully assemble the dip station in probably 30 minutes.

What makes things even easier is the tool included just for use with the bolts and screws needed for assembly. These little touches make all the difference in making a good first impression.

And if you need to – it’s also fairly easy to disassemble!

Nicely designed

When assembled, you realize just how nicely designed this Stamina dip station really is. The bars are well spaced apart to allow for larger frames, and every bar has been ergonomically placed to ensure that that each specific exercise can be completed in comfort.

As dip stations come, this is one of the sleekest designs we’ve seen. It is also worth noting that the bars are thicker than some of the handlebars you find on inferior pull up stations. This is an excellent feature that will serve to protect hands during periods of extended use.

Sturdy and durable

The frame of this Stamina dip station is exceptionally sturdy and durable. It’s hard to imagine that such a large frame can weigh only 88 lbs and yet remain so well balanced during use. The upper weight capacity on the pull-up station is 300 lbs, and it carries this load without any signs of stress (we’re not quite that heavy, but a friend I met in the gym recently told me he has one of these at home, and he’s packing 250 lbs… easily).

If you plan on using the frame for particularly vigorous exercises like CrossFit style pull-ups, you might want to consider anchoring the power tower to the ground, just to be on the safe side. However, for more traditional exercises, you should experience little to no movement from the frame.

In terms of durability, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is unrivaled. The coating of paint used is tremendously resistant to all weather types and appears to be incredibly durable. We’ve also heard that many users prefer to use their Stamina dip tower outdoors as it leads to longer, more comfortable periods of exercise. And to be honest, the Stamina is perfectly suited for such an outdoor life.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what the Stamina can do for you…

One thing to take into consideration…

If there is one thing that prospective buyers should be aware of, it is the size and spacing of the pull-up station’s bars. Petite women with short limbs might struggle with the distance between the bars when trying to complete tricep dips or vertical knee raises. However, this will only affect a very small number of potential users and is just something to consider if you are on the small side.

Reasons to buy the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Station

Advertising itself as a full body workout power station, the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower sets itself up for a fall, but the reality is that this pull-up station delivers on its promises. From the well-placed push-up and sit-up bars to the dip bars, the Stamina is equipped to deal with those looking for a full body workout from upper body to core. This versatility gives much credibility to its claims.

It’s going to appeal to a wide variety of users and it is not difficult to see why. There are, of course, plenty of dip stations that claim to be suitable for outdoor use, but few offer the kind of reliability and durability on show here. This is an easy to assemble, sturdy and reliable power tower that really does offer a full body workout in one simple frame.

Bang for your buck?

Although far from being an expensive dip station – heck, it’s far from being labeled expensive in our opinion – the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is not the cheapest power tower on the market. It is, however, incredibly affordable and offers value for money in a way that cheaper alternatives really can’t compete with.

If we have to sum it up, we’d say don’t waste your money on inferior products if you’re serious about building up your body strength and fitness – invest in a quality power tower. Invest in the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower. You really won’t regret it.