25 different types of pull-ups to try

OK, you need some more inspiration for those upper body strength sessions…watch and learn baby, watch and learn!

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Need some motivation for those pullups and dips? Don’t miss this video…

Well, if you’re lacking any sort of motivation today and just can’t get into those dips, check out this inspirational fitness video…it’s going to have you up and on that dip station in seconds! These guys are IMPRESSIVE!

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How to do dips: get those chest and triceps working!

If you’re looking to boost your upper body strength, then dips are a great way to get some really impressive results. All you need is a great dip station or power tower (even a pull up bar will do the trick) – and your body weight!

Dips enable you to really power up those triceps and chest muscles, and the video below is a great example for dip beginners to sink their teeth into.

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