yaheetech dip stationOK, so if you’ve browsed any of the other dip station reviews on this site, you’ll know we love our in-home training equipment. And if there’s one thing that we really love about in-home gear, it’s when it comes at a greeeaaat price.

Let’s face it, we all work hard for those $$$, or at least most of us. And when we can save some money on expenses like gym memberships, it’s never a bad thing. So when we recently came across this dipping station from Yaheetech, the reviewer in us just had to add it to the collection!

Coming in at typically under $80 on sites like Amazon, this is a great, heavy duty product that will get some truly decent mileage for the beginners of you out there. It’s not quite the quality of a Body Solid or the XMark XM-7617, but for value, this little baby isn’t going to let you down.

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Why we loved this Yaheetech dip station

OK, this piece of equipment is fabulous for a number of reasons and we’re here to guide you through them.

Durability and stability

First up, let’s take a look at this dipping station’s staying power…

  • This dip station can hold up to 500 pounds – not an exaggeration. The fact that it can hold more than 250 pounds is impressive. If you examine the dip station, you’ll notice two support pieces under each bar. This gives it the stability it needs to hold your weight while you power through those upper body exercises.
  • An added bonus – if you own a dipping belt you will be able to (and should!) safely use it while on the Yaheetech Dip Stand. If you don’t own a belt, no worries! Use your own body weight and you will be amazed at how exhausting these exercises can be.
  • Weighing in at 40 pounds, this dip station really isn’t going anywhere. I suggest assembling this dip station in the room you’ll be using it in and leaving it there. This is not a portable dip station like other products out there. Although there are pros and cons to stationary products, for this dip station it is not a hindrance.
  • Some reviewers have commented that at times this dip station felt a bit wobbly. Personally, I did not have this experience while using it but I weigh less than 130 pounds. My advice is simple: take a sandbag (or 2) or a few free-weights and secure them on the back of the base. This will further anchor the dip station and you will feel so much at ease and confident in its ability to hold you.
  • The manufacturers of the Yaheetech Dip Station were clever – they added rubber covers to each end of the base, creating even more stability and a slip-proof product.

The Cost

  • If you’re not experienced in the world of at-home gym equipment, you would probably think the Yaheetech Dip Station would cost upwards of $200, right? Wrong! This bit of hardware retails for around $75 and is eligible for free shipping when ordered through Amazon. Don’t you just love Amazon?
  • Lower price doesn’t always equal lower quality. There are other products on the market that are basically replicas of this dip station that cost anywhere from $120 – $300. Not worth it! Save your money and put your faith in something offering way more value.
  • Size:
    • The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Stand may look bulky and it may seem like it takes up a lot of room but it really doesn’t. At just over three feet in length, this product doesn’t come too far away from the wall. I put mine in the corner of my workout room in an area I once considered to be “dead space”. Now it’s my “upper-body area”. Another dimension I love is the height. You will not have to worry about your knees hitting the ground, even if you’re over six feet tall.
    • The distance between the two bars is 24 inches and each bar is about 15 inches long. This increases the stability of the dip machine as a whole. I added electrical tape to my bars to increase the comfort during supersets when my palms are shaky and I definitely recommend it!

So, should you invest in this Yaheetech dipping station?

The easy to assemble Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Station is a phenomenally durable piece of equipment with a modern design. Its clean-lines are easy on the eye and non-threatening. At the end of the day it’s a simple dip station that gets the job done.

If you keep your expectations of a fancy, high-end device out of the equation you won’t be disappointed, and this dip station will help produce the same results as some of those high-enders. Once you start using this machine the burn to your muscles will be deep and concentrated. You should start to see results fairly quickly (especially if you add a few more sets per day to your quota)!

Another aspect to this dip station I love is the numerous online reviews by other real users. On Amazon, for example, the Yaheetech Dip Stand received 4.7 out of 5 stars. You can feel comfortable that others have had the same experience I have had with this dip station.

This baby really was a great addition to my at-home gym and I guarantee it will be a great addition to yours as well! As always, if you have any questions about this product or any others, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!