black mountain dip stationI’ve got a monster of a product for you. Not in size (thank God), but in stability. Today, I’m reviewing the Black Mountain Heavy Duty Dip Station.

When I first heard about this dip station I thought it was too good to be true, especially the claim to support 3000 pounds (3000 pounds – what dip station could possibly support that much weight??!!). You know what it’s like, those claims from the smarmy salesmen at the mall who try and sell you stuff you really don’t need but the return policy is 7 days, exchange only… We’ve all been there.

But this dip station proved to be so much more than something that was all talk and no action. And that unbeatable price…wow!

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What convinced me that this dip station was a keeper…

Although I didn’t get a chance to test it out with 3000-pounds, I did have a chance to test it out with a dip belt and a 45-pound plate attached to my waist. This obviously still didn’t come close to 3000-pounds but I did have a friend who weighs over 250-pounds test it out with the same 45-pound plate attached and this thing did not budge!

It was seriously rock solid and you can thank the stabilizing foam pads on the base of the dip station for that. Despite the fact that I never quite made myself weigh close to quadruple digits, I legitimately believe the Black Mountain Dip Station can withstand upwards of 500-pounds.

What does this mean for you?

Well, not only can the dip station be used for body weight exercises, but it can also be used to enhance your at-home training like you never thought possible. Gone are the days of waking up at 6 a.m. to get to the gym before everyone else, just so you can use the equipment without having to wait for someone to finish his or her circuit.

And then…the clincher. The price. At around $70, this is absolutely awesome value.

Specs for the Black Mountain dip station

  • 35 inches tall x 22 inches wide x 37 inches long
  • This dip station weighs in at a mere 22.5 pounds
  • Built with 4 stabilizing pads on the base; this is crucial so the dip station is able to sit flat and level on different surfaces
  • 20 inches between the handrails
  • Foam grips on the bars for superior comfort
  • Thick handles – great for even weight distribution
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made from steel
  • Pretty price of $70

Why this baby offers superb value

You may be asking why you need this instead of simply using the back of a chair or a bench. Yes, you could always go with those options, but at only $70, the price equates to $.20 per day for a year or $.04 per day for 5 years. We had to get our calculator out for that little bit of math, but it surely shows the value of this dip station!

And since this product has a lifetime warranty, this dip station will be around your house for a lot longer than 5 years. In addition, you get a few more options for exercises with this dip station than your grandmother’s antique maple chair.

More reasons to convince you this dip station is for you…

A feature I appreciated about this dip station was the easy assembly.

It came with everything needed and easy-to-follow instructions. Ten minutes later and the dip station was ready to be tested out. This product isn’t foldable so it could potentially be taken apart and put back together if you are super tight on storage. It doesn’t take up that much space in the first place though, so my advice is to just leave it assembled. It’s definitely one of the more portable dip stations your money can buy.

A caveat: the bars are spaced slightly far apart and are not adjustable, so it may be too wide for some of you out there. I found it to be slightly spacious for my own body; definitely a point to consider. If you are buying this product for a gift or your family, take into account the width of the bars and other users measurements!

Another great point, the Black Mountain Dip Station is constantly ranked as one of the best sellers on sites like Amazon (it received 4.5 out of 5 stars). If that isn’t the kicker in convincing you to buy this dip station I’m seriously not sure you’ll ever buy a thing online! Seriously though, do you understand how many products there are in the Sports and Outdoors section of Amazon? Thousands! And this beast was way up there on the first page! That was all I needed to read before pressing the “confirm” button on my order.

So, bang for your buck?

The Black Mountain Dip Station is truly one of a kind. The specs are fantastic, the price simply cannot be beat and the ratings really drive home how influential this product will be for your training. It’s a lightweight and portable dip stand – while the stability and durability are unparalleled and the simple design makes it easy to put together so you can get down to business immediately!

Let me know what you think of this product and your own experiences with it! As always, feel free to reach out with any other questions about this product or some of the others reviewed!