Body Solid Deluxe Dip Station GVKR82Dip stations are nothing new of course; even the dip stations you can buy for your own home have been around for awhile. But the Body Solid Deluxe Station is pretty unique, and is definitely one of the best options to consider if you’re just a little serious about building up that body of yours.

Just having a quick look at the equipment that comes with this monster Body Solid station shows a very solid base that looks like it will support quite a bit of weight, as well as a wide well that allows even a fairly wide person to turn within it. And when you couple that with the five different focuses the station comes with (your abdominals, your biceps, your shoulders, trapezoid muscles and your obliques) and the different exercises that you can do with this station, it surely has to be one of the most well-rounded dip machines out there.

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How easy is it to work with?

The nice thing about this Body Solid machine (check out other Body Solid dip stations – however, in our opinion at least, they are less efficient and offer slightly less value for money) is that it is challenging enough for those who have been working out for a while and need something that can give them the burn that they need, but that it’s not so advanced that a beginner can’t use it. In fact, it is designed to be beginner-friendly with coated, non-slip step bars that you can use to mount the machine or to rest between sets.

Main Features

There’s no question about it, the Body Solid GVKR82 dip station has been well-built and the guys at Body Solid have manufactured this station to ensure it outstrips pretty much all of the other dip stations out there, or at least the other VKR machines on the market!

Some of the features that this baby comes with not only make the machine stand out as a great solution for improving the specific sections of the body you want to target, but also as a dip station in general.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features that the GVKR82 offers:

  • Entry bars at the bottom that have been fitted with nonslip materials, ensuring getting into position is safe and easy
  • DuraFirm pads on the back and arm rests which are thicker than the typical industry-standard pads and offer a more comfortable workout
  • Easy, oversized handgrips for maximum grip
  • Solid steel construction with a wide, secure base ensuring that it won’t tip over or wobble
  • Small enough footprint that you can fit it just about anywhere in your home, from the living room to the garage (its actual footprint is 82″H x 57″L x 43″W)
  • Rated for users weighing up to 130 kg / 285 pounds
  • Can be used in the home easily but is also rated for commercial usage as well (if you’re thinking of starting up your own mini-gym)
  • Heavy-gauge steel frames frames and high-quality construction with four side welding
  • Touchup paint – a very nice touch from Body Solid, because let’s be honest, this thing is going to take some knocks now and again, and having the paint ensures we can keep it looking almost as good as new!

What can the GVKR82 do for me and my body?

This is a great exercise machine to have in the house because it works so many different areas of the body and it is versatile enough to cover a great deal of real estate as far as the muscle groups go. You can get an incredible abdominals training session if you’re working on your six-pack and it does just as good of job on the biceps as the barbells you normally use.

You can do body weight training on it as well if you have the equipment and you can easily work your lats, shoulders, obliques and traps. In fact, there are more than a dozen different types of exercise you can do with it, as you can see from this little list:

  • Regular Push Ups
  • Dips
  • Bends that work your obliques
  • Both the wide grip lat pullup and a close lat pullup
  • Knee and leg raises
  • Hanging and extended crunches for ab workouts
  • Curl and front grabs
  • Shoulder shrugs (while hanging)
  • Chin-ups
  • Much more…

For a taste of what you can get up to with this Body Solid power tower, check out the video below…

Why we seriously liked the GVKR82

The thing about the GVKR82 is that it was obviously designed by fitness experts and not just by engineers or technicians. The ten-degree reverse pitch that it offers gives you better range-of-motion for ab workouts, and keeps you in position, while the cushion pads are designed to protect you from back pain and injury while still allowing you to get an effective workout.

The pushup station, which can double as a step, gives you the ability to do really deep pushups that you can feel working out your pecs and the machine really has the feel of a commercial machine that you would find in a gym. Some home machines just feel fragile, like they are going to break if you put them through their paces too hard. This isn’t one of them.

As some of the online reviewers for this Body Solid machine GVKR82 have mentioned, this is a beast of a machine, and will surely stand the test of time. Long after you’ve ditched your cheaper, flimsier models to the trash.

In summary – bang for your buck?

Definitely recommended; the GVKR82 comes from a solid company with a good reputation and the machine is as good or better than anything you’ll find for either home use or at the gym. Of course, the price is probably more than you’d pay for a machine at your local sports store, but at just over $400, we have to say this is excellent value and yes, you’re getting some serious bang for your buck.

Simply put, the sturdiness and build of this machine, plus the exercises that you can do on it truly make it one of the most versatile dip stations ever created.

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