ultimate body press reviewFor this review I’m going to guide you through why the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is a piece of equipment you should seriously consider adding to your at-home gym. Seriously, if you are looking to incorporate an awesome dip stand into your life, inspect your bank account, make room for an $80 hit, and click the “buy” button below.

There’s no doubt about it, this is one of the best value dip stands on the market, and I was highly impressed!

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What we liked about the Ultimate Body Press

For starters, this dip stand has recently taken over the Bestseller spot in the dip stations niche on sites like Amazon – something that tells me (and you) that everyone LOVES what this thing can do for you body, and perhaps more importantly, what it can do for your overall health.

In addition, the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand received an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 300 reviews; further perpetuating that this dip stand sets high standards. High ratings can only get a product so far though, so let’s dive in a little deeper and see what this dip stand is all about!

Terrific specs

You really can’t help but be impressed with specs like this…

  • Easy assembly – black and white color distinction makes it easy to put together and follow the directions. The assembly requires 0 tools. Hallelujah!
  • Made from quality steel materials.
  • 3 feet tall; one of my favorite features of the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is its height. Short and tall people can use this with ease and you won’t have to buy multiple dip stands for multiple people in your family. Guaranteed for users up to 6.5 feet tall! The total dimensions are as follows: 24 x 36 x 36 inches.
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds! This is great because you can use a weighted belt if you want to add a bit of dimension to the workout. I tried this out with a 45-pound plate and it was rock solid! The plate also never touched the ground, which was a plus.
  • Adjustable! This baby starts out at 21 inches wide and can be adjusted to 22.5 inches. I love this feature and I think other dip stands need to adopt this. We all know too well not everyone is the same size and this dip stand celebrates that!
  • Weighs in at only 18.5 pounds. This dip stand is light and it’s portable. It also disassembles just as easily as it assembles. You can use this anywhere and everywhere – inside, outside, office, park, etc. You name it and you can use it there. This dip stand is also easier to travel with compared to a few of the other dip stands reviewed on our site.
  • Foam grips on each handle. These foam grips are some of the most comfortable grips I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding onto on a dip stand. They helped to keep me from gripping the handles too hard and straining. I appreciated the high quality material Ultimate Body Press considered while constructing the Ultimate Dip Stand.

What really convinced us about the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand…

The features mentioned above in this post make this dip stand stand out for sure, but I believe there are two features I haven’t mentioned yet that really set it apart.

  1. The price: Depending on where you buy this, it’ll run you about $80. For an adjustable, versatile, comfortable dip stand, that price is a steal. I’m very fond of  fitness equipment that is made well, is sturdy, and doesn’t break the bank. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand encompasses all of those characteristics.
  2. The angled bars: The bars are not perfectly parallel, but instead angled. This was a genius idea for Ultimate Body Press to include in their dip stand because it truly sets it apart from the rest of the products out there. If you have bad elbows and shoulders this could be a lifesaver. It really relieves some of the pressure and tension so there is less of a chance of injury. Personally, I like the angled aspect better because it’s more comfortable and I can hit my muscles differently depending on which exercises I’m doing. It really creates a whole new set of workouts to add to your circuits.

In summary: some mighty big bang for your buck

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is a perfect addition to your at-home gym. I really enjoyed using and reviewing this product. I felt comfortable testing it out with a plethora of upper body exercises and found it to be stable and sturdy the entire time. This, in part, can be attributed to the rubber feet on the bottom, which prevent it from skidding on wood and concrete. The way the bars are angled really makes a difference and sets this apart from other dip stands out there that are similarly priced. It’s a simple design, made with quality materials and I already know some of my friends have gone out and purchased this after I told them about it!

As always, please let me know if you’ve tried this dip stand and what you think. Or if you plan on purchasing it I’d love to hear some reviews. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Here’s a clip to give you more of a taste of what to expect from this awesome dip stand…